The White Pack
1 Original Garters + 1 Sockless Garters
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To sock or not to sock? Who's cares as long as you're tucked!

Shirttail Garters

  • + Our sleekest solid white. 1" Wide Plush Twill - Premium Jacquard Elastic. 
  • + KK & Jay exclusive: easy-to-use, fabric-backed, no-slip clips. Guaranteed comfortable and secure for any activity you can muster up (like chasing bad guys, bustin' dance moves, or in-office yoga).  
  • + Original Shirttail Garters keeps your shirts tucked in and your socks pulled up while preserving their fabric.
  • + Sockless Shirttail Garters replace your socks with a fully adjustable calf strap to keep your shirt equally anchored down and comfortably tucked.
  • + Full grain leather, KK & Jay, patent-pending  "Stay Tucked Stabilizer" keeps everything in line and looking dapper. 
  • + Comfortable and inconspicuous. The only thing you or anyone else will notice is how incredibly tucked your shirt always looks.
  • + One size fits all with adjustable length for your tucking preference.
  • + Sold as complete pairs because we wouldn't want you going out half-tucked. 
  • + Handmade with pride and fair labor by great people in Brooklyn, New York - USA.


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